❤️【Important Features】:- Microwave, freezer and oven safe, Keeps dishes clean, Food safe, Maintains moisture of food,Locks Grease in The paper locks the grease of the food and does not make the pans greasy and sticky. Cover your food with it to keep the dishes as well as your hands clean.
❤️【Easy to Use】:- The box of the wrapping paper has a metallic cutter that helps in hassle-free and easy cutting. Cut the wrapping paper according to your desired length and get an even shape.
❤️【Safe Backing】 :- Use for lining cookie sheets, cake pans, baking pans, dishes . Re-heat pizza,bake sandwich and French fries in the oven. Wrap cooked foods before reheating to keep them from drying out or wrap paneer,cutlets . Before keeping in fridge to maintain moisture environment friendly reusable baking paper.

Achara-E-Com Bulk Parchment Paper for Cooking, Eco-Friendly, Non-Bleached, Non-Wax , Non-Stick Paper Suit for Food, Baking, Cookie, Dutch Oven, Toaster (Size: 9×10 Inch) – Pack of 100 Sheets

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