Children can role-play. It strikes a good balance and performance. It can improve the spatial thinking, increase iq level, improve overall cognitive skills and hand skills for kid. It is a fun educational toy. It’s not heavy at all so a small child or an older toddler can play with it and carry it with ease
Imaginative play in a delicious way. Serve up some delicious imaginative play with the versatile snacks and sweets ice cream cart. Just like the ones real food vendors use, this sturdy rolling cart includes pull-out storage drawers, and a cash register that lets kids play
Discovery and development. Taking orders helps teach letter and number skills, and develops memory and imaginative play. Watch confidence and self-esteem grow as kids learn to organize items, place and take food orders, and create delicious-looking snacks. This cart promotes narrative thinking and creative expression, helps teach problem solving, and develops fine motor skills and dexterity. A variety of bright colours can exercise child’s sensitivity to the colour

Brand Conquer Luxury Sweet Shopping Battery Operated 39 Pcs Ice Cream Trolley Pretend Roll Plastic Play Set with LED Lights and Music Learning and Educational Toy for Kids (39 Pcs)

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